Meet Nikita Grimes of Kitaleigh, a Hand Lettering SVG and Font Designer.

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I'm happy to have had the opportunity to interview our guest designer this month, Nikita Grimes of Kitaleigh, a Hand Lettering SVG and Font Designer, most notably her typography designs and hand lettered round designs. Have you seen her hand  lettered round mailer labels? Nikita's influence on the crafting trends using die cutting machines and the latest Glowforge machines does not go unnoticed. She has a keen eye for detail and makes every design & project appeal to so many hobbyist and small business owners. 
So lets get started with our interview. 
When and how did you start designing?
From the moment I could remember I knew I would find a career in the creative field. I went to school for interior design and after college I realized I had a bigger passion for graphic design than I did for picking out paint colors, pillows, and curtains. So I began to self teach myself graphic design and it began growing into something bigger than I ever expected. 
Where do you get the inspiration? 
I pull inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes it is my kids saying something very random and other times I take long walks in retail stores taking in everything around me and constantly asking myself how I can merge patterns, ideas, or elements to make something new and unique.
What is your most favorite font or design that you have created. Why is it so special to you?
Oh this is a hard one. I think my most recent favorite font is Strawberry Harvest. I just love how it imitates my handwriting and gives a very hand lettered feel.
I know you create both SVGs and Fonts AND mock ups – which do you prefer creating?
I love them creating them all, when I am feeling a design block with one, it is fun to switch it up and move into creating the other. 
How long typically does it take you to create a SVG or a font?
Each varies a bit. Some SVGs, I can whip up in an hour or two and other can take multiple days. With fonts the same, depending on the detail some can take a few days to a few months.
Do you have any advice for newer designers?
Go for it, be a sponge, take in what is going on around you. Solve the gaps in the market rather that creating what everyone else is. 
Where can we purchase your designs?
I sell on multiple platforms., Etsy, Design/Font Bundles, Creative Market, So Fontsy.
Lastly, can you share some projects that have used your fonts and SVGs?
I think my most favorite place that one of my fonts can be seen is on the Netflix show Atypical. I was a brand new font designer, just posted my first few fonts to Dafont  just to see what would happen, and in less than a month they reached out to me and wanted to use my font in the opening credits if the show. 
Nikita has graciously created an exclusive font for SVG & Font Market, appropriately called "Hey Market". You might even recognize this font in SVG & Font Market logo update. This fun & playful hand lettered font includes uppercase, lowercase letters and punctuation. This font has been tested and is approved for cutting with your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines. It is also perfect to use for print and cut, sublimation, card making and other printable projects. It is on sale at 50% off for a limited time. 



You can find Kitaleigh on various social media platforms. Thank you Nikita for being our guest designer this month!







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