Assembling Clean Cut Creative's Layered Mandala CCC224

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I have always wanted to try a layered mandala and this design from Clean Cut Creative is absolutely beautiful and the option of adding a foil quill design to the top layer adds the little bit of extra elegance and sets it apart from all other mandalas I have seen. Below I will go step by step and show you how I assembled it and offer some pointers so you don't make the same mistakes I did. 

As you can see here, I have cut the 7 layers in different colors. Layer #1 is the very bottom layer and the layer #7 is the very top layer. 

Because I only had 5 colors, I had to repeat 2 colors twice. I opted to repeat the dark purple color of layer #1 again for layer #7. I also repeated the fuschia color of layer #3 again for layer #5. 

The colors for layers #2 ( pink ), layer #4 ( light purple ) and layer #6 (medium purple) are only used once.

The file has an option of doing a foil quill design on layers #6 and #7. Here I show the foil only on layer #7, in the future I will add it to layer #6 too. I really love this look!

So now that we have the color scheme figured out - I have a few tips for you .

  • I sized the Mandala to 9" in my cutting software for a 12" x 12" shadow box.
  • Cut your layers starting from the bottom (layer #1)
  • Stack them as you go until you get to layer #6.
  • If you are foiling layer #6, foil then cut. Here is a tutorial if you need to learn how to "foil then cut"
  • If you are foiling layer #7, foil then cut.
  • Now glue layer #7 on top of layer #6. I had to use the Quickie Glue pen to accommodate the smaller cut area.
  • Because I didn't quite get layer #6 and #7 centered correctly, I had a small overhang of layer #6 peeking out under layer #7 square, so I just used my craft knife and trimmed it away. 
  • Now - double check your stacked layers and make sure they are all facing the same way and that they didn't get turned. I did this by accident several times. 
  • Start adhering each layer together using the 3D foam adhesives. Layer #2 on top of layer #1, layer #3 on top of adhered layers #1 & #2 etc until all layers are adhered.

Below is showing layer #2 on top of layer #1

Once you have adhered all 7 layers, it should look something like this...

Now - since I was adding this to a 12" x 12" shadow box, I wanted a matted, framed look. So since the mandala square was cut at 9" x 9", I opted to cut a sheet of paper using the lighted purple at 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" and centered the mandala on that. Then adhered that to a 12" x 12" of the darkest purple and added to the shadow box to complete my project. 

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  • Beautiful

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  • Is there a design like this for graduation

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