How to create an Applique look with HTV Vinyl

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How to create an applique with HTV Vinyl

By: Digitail Designs

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Heat and Bond Ultra

Fabric of your choice

HTV - I have only tried this with glitter HTV,

I'm not sure how well it works with regular HTV


  • Decide what size you want your design and cut a square of fabric & a square of Heat and Bond slightly larger than your design.
  • Press the Heat and Bond and the fabric together, making sure to leave the paper backing on the Heat and Bond.
  • Place the bonded fabric on your cutting mat.

  • Size the design in your software and move the outline off the mat.
  • Cut the interior par of the design from the fabric.

  • Now move the outline back to the mat and remove the inside part.
  • Don't forget that you will need to mirror the outline if your design is not symmetrical

  • Mark the center of your shirt by folding and pressing to get a guide line.
  • Then remove the paper backing from the bonded fabric
  • line up your design and press for a few seconds.

  • Line up your HTV outline over the top of your fabric design and press for the time and temp needed for your brand of HTV.

Tada!!! Look at your beautiful HTV Applique !!!!




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