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Welcome to the ULTIMATE business planner. This PDF is filled with content that will help you create the most out of your business in the upcoming year.

This planner is broken down into 6 sections - yep six!

  1. Business
  2. Money
  3. Goals
  4. Creative Planning
  5. Social Media
  6. Calendar Planning

In our BUSINESS sections, we have not only who YOU are as a business but who your customers are. I have included an order form, a way to track your orders over time, tracking inventory, loyal customers, and even a way to manage each of your items keeping track of what you need to produce your most popular products.


In GOALS we are tracking yearly and quarterly. We have a space to reflect on what we accomplished as well to keep our sights high but realistic.


In MONEY, we discuss income, expenses, profits, taxes, and savings. We have space to review and compare our numbers to previous years/quarters.


CREATIVE PLANNING, we take a look at the best times to craft for our business, and when our seasonal items should go on sale. Need a space to brainstorm for seasonal or holiday themes? I got you! Full page and quarter pages allow you to plan as much or as little as you want. As your business grows and you purchase more items, you will have times when you favor designs or fonts. Don't worry about forgetting anything, you can write it down on our "My Fave things" page. Being creative means you will need to expand your knowledge and yep - you guessed it, we have a space for that too! Have your sales slowed down at all? I have a "Cha-Ching!" checklist included in this where you can start to brainstorm and go over the most common issues and work to fix them to help boost your shop!


Under SOCIAL PLANNING we track our social media accounts, their stats, as well as give you space to brainstorm what you post when to post, and how often! With the hashtag page, you can generate groups of hashtags that you can refer back to later when you are stumped for ideas. Also included in this Social section are places to brainstorm for blog and video ideas with dates that you completed each idea. No brain dump would be complete without a walkthrough on planning your content. We have two blank templates for creating a video and blog with spots for a title, tracking any photos/shoots you need to have and where you have posted them. Planning on building an email list? Use the mailin list template to get an idea of what you can offer you VIP customers.


Last we have our PLAN IT OUT section featuring each month with spots for goals, reminders, and notes. Further in, we have blank weekly and daily spreads. To wrap it up, we have our prioritizing squares using the Eisenhower Matric along with additional blank brain dump pages.


Note From The Creator:

Hi there! My name is Ashley McDonald and I am the designer behind AMCX Studio! Thank you so much for stopping by the studio. I hope that you enjoy working with this design as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. I would be more than happy to help you. I love hearing from my creative besties and look forward to seeing what you create. Be sure to visit us on FB where you can weigh in on new products, catch a freebie, and exclusive deals. Thank you for being apart of the creative community! 

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