20 Geometric Single Line Patterns | Foil Quill designs SVG file for Cricut Silhouette Scan n Cut


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SINGLE LINE PATTERNS for use in your cutting machine with FOIL QUILL • SKETCH PENS • ENGRAVING TOOL • EMBOSSING TOOL - not suitable for use with cutting blade :)

In these designs there is no double outline, but ONE SINGLE LINE for your machine to process. Final thickness of the strokes will depend on the size nib/pen tip you use :) That makes these designs specifically suitable for use with the Foil Quill, Sketch Pens, Engraving tool and Embossing tool. 

There are 20 geometric patterns in this pack. They're sized to fit a 12x12 inch mat and are divided in 9 seamlessly repeatable pattern blocks. If you foil a little larger than your project and then cut out the card or shape you have full coverage. 


For smaller projects you ungroup once and simply delete redundant blocks so you don’t waste your foil :)  Ungroup a second time to move individual geometric elements and have fun creating custom adjustments or altering the pattern! The blocks can be duplicated to seamlessly repeat the pattern. So you can even make a smaller, more intricate pattern while still being able to cover a larger area :)


Included files are SVG • DXF • FCM • EPS • PNG 

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