Intricate Mandala Monogram Alphabet for craft cutters in SVG DXF FCM EPS PNG


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MANDALA MONOGRAM ALPHABET • cuttable version • make beautiful monogrammed projects and gifts or add a name or nice quote to the split mandala!

This Mandala Alphabet cutfile is ultra intricate so not suitable for cutting at small sizes. It’s tested to work on 10 x 10 inches and up. Weeding pros will enjoy creating projects with these designs! Others please note that weeding elves are not included! :) 

There are 29 designs in this bundle: 26 letters of the alphabet, ampersand (&), blank mandala and split mandala. 
Also very suitable for sublimation and laser cutting or Glowforge!

This bundle was originally created as a single line pack for foil quill, sketch pens, infusible ink pens, engraving and embossing. If you're looking for that please visit this listing:
Included files are SVG • DXF • FCM • EPS • PNG 

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